The company

LDG OBRAS Y SERVICIOS, SL, is a company of the large construction industry, leader in its sector for its professionalism and volume, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, and headquarters in Ribarroja de Túria (Valencia), from where it extends mainly throughout the provincial scope.

Its experience in the sector is well consolidated, since this entity comes from other construction companies since the 70s. It currently has a staff of around 20 employees and is present in sectors that operate in the industry, logistics, residential market and civil work.

The company has been characterized by the continuous development of new services, these mainly depend on their human potential, so the training of personnel in trade, planning, quality and safety is essential to achieve the objectives set.

LDG OBRAS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. bet on quality and safety as strategic business values.

Valores estratégicos

  • Orientation towards the Client. We understand that this value implies a position of commitment with the client, which allows us to continuously improve their satisfaction and relationship.
  • Commitment to Results. Compliance with growth and profitability objectives, to guarantee business success.
  • Quality and environment. Proper management of these two aspects, which adds value to the company.
  • Safety at Work. The priority of the company is to ensure the safety of workers and achieve the goal of zero accidents. We are highly committed to ensuring a safe work environment for all employees, transmitting at all levels the responsibility and strict observance of current regulations.
  • Teamwork. Promote an environment that encourages results, stimulating communication and open and effective interaction.
  • Formation and desarrolle. Promote personal and collective development of our greatest asset, which is the human team.

Corporate mission

Our mission as a company is to achieve total customer satisfaction before, during and after the end of the project, fully complying with the quality and safety standards, as well as the deadlines set, thereby generating lasting relationships.

Business vision

We intend to be a highly competitive team, open to continuous improvement and with a sign of distinction to our competition, which allows us to be a reference of quality in the sector.