The book also introduces Gaspode the Wonder Dog

18 diciembre, 2013

An end to the practice of Klingon Promotion by the wizards of Unseen University due to Mustrum Ridcully taking over as Archchancellor, and therefore a single recurring faculty cast appearing in later books. The last book to use the idea of the Things from the Dungeon Dimensions invading as a generalized threat later books would shift the idea of extradimensional threats to the elves and others, while former are simply used as reasons why Wizards are careful about using magic. The start of a theme that would run until The Truth of ideas or inventions from our modern world (or magical analogues) threatening to break the Discworld’s Medieval Stasis, but this usually being subject to the Reset Button at the end. Other books to use this include Men at Arms and Soul Music. Though introduced in Guards! Guards!, the characters of Detritus and CMOT Dibbler were made the three dimensional fan favourites they would become. The book also introduces Gaspode the Wonder Dog, a later recurring character.

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