But Walker’s thesis was that this progress had come about

But Walker’s thesis was that this progress had come about

12 septiembre, 2013

During the first class session of the class, I show Jean Rouch’s classic ethnographic film on spirit possession Les Maitres Fous (The Crazy Masters [1954]). I ask the students to take notes and pay attention to how the film’s images challenge their beliefs. It is a film that features a set of unforgettably shocking scenes: West Africans in colonial Ghana possessed by “European” spirits (The Governor General, The General of the Red Sea, The Doctor, The Wicked Major, and The Train Engineer). When these “new gods” take the bodies of their mediums, The Crazy Masters, as they are called to mimic colonial officials, shake uncontrollably. They handle fire without burning themselves. Their bulging eyes blaze with intensity. Salvia foams from their mouths as they speak in tongues several West African languages as well as English and French. A dog is sacrificed and The Crazy Masters not only drink its blood but also eat its boiled flesh an unsettling montage of images to say the least!

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high quality designer replica handbags To support his thesis that are better methods to deter knock and announce violations, Scalia cited the work of criminologist Samuel Walker, who has done extensive research on police professionalism. In the book Scalia cited, Walker concluded that there has been enormous progress “in the education, training and supervision of police officers.” Scalia argued that this progress was making the Exclusionary Rule obsolete. But Walker’s thesis was that this progress had come about because of Supreme Court decisions applying the Exclusionary Rule, particularly during the Warren court. Police departments implemented better search procedures because with out them, their arrests would be continually thrown out by the courts. To cite his work to argue against the rule was to completely miss his point. high quality designer replica handbags

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